Minutes of Curriculum & Teaching Committee

February 7, 2008


Present:  Brian Pavlac (Chair), Kristi Concannon (Chair-elect), Margaret Corgan, Joseph Evan, Kyle Fetterolf, Hamid Hosseini, Michael Little, Jonathan Malesic, Anne Massey, Ed Ockerman; Dr. Nicholas Holodick, Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Guest: Rev. John Ryan, C.S.C., Director of the William G. McGowan School of Business

1.     The meeting was called to order at 3:35 p.m. in Sheehy-Farmer 115.

2.     The Committee welcomed new members Anne Massey and Ed Ockerman.

3.     The minutes of the meeting of January 24, 2008 were approved as amended.

 4.     After discussing whether or not courses should adopt new CORE numbering in the summer or in the fall of 2008, a motion was seconded to state C&T’s position as follows: “Students matriculating in the summer of 2008 will fall under the new CORE, but C&T is not compelling any CARTs to use new numbers until the fall of 2008.” The motion passed.

5.     Moved and seconded that the description for CORE 287 in the 2008-2009 Course Catalog will include the following language: “CORE 287 does not substitute for MSB 287 unless pre-approved by the Director of the McGowan School of Business.” The motion passed.

6.     Moved and seconded that “C&T asks the Global Studies CART to determine if IB 241 will be included in the Global Studies CART. If not, C&T will invite the CART to discuss an exemption for the course.” The motion passed.

7.     Moved and seconded that “C&T recommends the following general guidelines for apportionment of the following CARTs be followed every semester: [document here]


Course                                           #Sections      Staffing Dept. Chair

CORE 150 Intro SocSci                     4-5           Political Science, Soc/CJ, Econ, other?

CORE 153 Econ                                 5-6           Economics

CORE 154 Intro Psych                       4-5           Psychology

CORE 155 Intro Women’s                   1            Women’s Studies Director

CORE 157 Intro Soc*                          1            Soc/CJ

CORE 158 Intro PoliSci*                    1            Political Science



Course                                           #Sections      Staffing Dept Chair

CORE 180: Umbrella Name?             3-4           Political Science, Soc/CJ, Econ, other?

CORE 181: Am Civ                           5-6           History

CORE 182: Am Geog                     2 (fall)        History

CORE 184: Texts                               1-2           English

CORE 186: Religion in Am*          1 (fall)        Theology

CORE 187: Am Social Issues              1            Soc/CJ, other?

CORE 187R: Race and Ethnicity* 1 (per year)   History

CORE 188: Am Govt*                       2-3           Political Science



Course                                           #Sections      Staffing Dept Chair

CORE 190: Umbrella Name?             3-4           Political Science, Soc/CJ, Econ, other?

CORE 191: Global History                5-6           History

CORE 192: Global Geography     2 (spring)      History

CORE 196: Global Religions*     1 (spring)      Theology

CORE 197: Global Social Issues        1            Soc/CJ, other?

CORE 198: Global Politics*               1            PoliSci

Exemption IB 241                              2-3           International Business”

The motion passed.

8.     Moved and seconded to revise CORE course numbering in the American Studies, Global Studies, and Social Sciences CARTs. The motion passed.

9.     Moved and seconded that the February 7th CORE will reflect the revised course numbers in the American Studies, Global Studies, and Social Sciences CARTs. The motion passed.

10.  The committee discussed proposed CARP courses and gathered information to take to Faculty Council which is responsible for approval of 1 credit courses not related to Major programs or the Core. 

11.  Moved and seconded to change language on the CORE equivalencies document (changes in italics): “If you need 160: Literature and the Arts I and have already taken Literature and the Arts II, take 162, 163, or 164 if you’ve taken none of them; otherwise, take a 170s Arts.” The motion passed.

12.  The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Little

*Numbers reflect the current Core and not the numbering at the time of discussion.

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