Minutes of the Curriculum and Teaching Committee Meeting, of
Thursday, January 24th, 2008

The meeting of Curriculum and Teaching Committee was held in Room 115 of the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center, and was called to order at 3:35 p.m.

In attendance: Committee Chairman Brian Pavlac (presiding), Chair-Elect Kristi Concannon, members; Margaret Corgan, Joe Evan, Hamid Hosseini, Paul Lindenmuth, Michael Little, John Malesic,.

The minutes from January 18th, 2008 were approved as amended.

I: A motion was made and approved to adopt Option 2 [described below] for the CART website, and would be under (departments.kings.edu/CARTs).

II: There was discussion pertaining to a Master Syllabus for each course in the CORE. This was tabled for another meeting.

III: A motion was made and approved to have CORE 098 capped at 18; CORE 100 capped at 20; and that all Part II and III CORE courses (except Foreign Languages 14X), which are now capped at 30, are to be set at 25.

IV: The American Studies CART courses were assigned numbers: CORE 181 American Civilization to 1914; CORE 182 American Geography; CORE 183 Religion in America; CORE 184 American Texts and Contexts (the various courses under that umbrella will receive either permanent or temporary additional letters such as 184M, 184G, 184A). The Chairman will ask the CART about whether the other courses would fit under the 150 compromise.

V: For the Contemporary Global Studies CART, two courses were accepted as 190 courses: CORE 190P Global Health Issues and Problems and CORE 190G Gender and Globalization. The 19X courses were assigned numbers: CORE 191 Global History since 1914; CORE 192 Global Geography; CORE 193 Global Religions. Global Social Issues (CORE 19X) was not assigned a number pending comparison to other numbers. Other courses are still being reviewed by the CART.

VI: The Social Science CART numbers were accepted, except for Intro to Sociology and Intro to Political Science, pending comparison to other numbers. It was suggested to change the name of 150 also. The Chairman agreed to contact Dr. Charles Brooks in order to clarify the numbering for his CART’s courses and the 150 compromise.

VII: The committee accepted the adoption of the course listings and numbers for: Effective Writing; Quantitative Skills/Mathematical ideas; Theology; Literature; Foreign Languages and Cultures; Civilizations: Historical Perspectives; Natural Science; and Philosophy. The Chair would work all these changes into revised basic documents to be considered at the next meeting.

VI: A motion to adjourn was made and seconded. The motion was passed and the meeting adjourned at 4:56 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Lindenmuth

Option 2 for the website:

In Option 2, only the basic, top-level pages would be maintained on the www.kings.edu server using Contribute. The CARTs would have their own areas using the “departments.kings.edu” address, which uses the Frontpage application and with which more faculty are familiar.
Click for example at <http://www.kings.edu/core/> in the right hand “Cart links” column on CARTs such as Civilizations http://departments.kings.edu/history/CivsCART/ (temporarily on the history site, but we could locate it in a Core folder or its own) or Global Contemporary Studies <http://departments.kings.edu/candt/CART/global/index.html> (temporarily on C&T’s site, but we could locate it in a Core folder or its own).

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