Minutes of Curriculum & Teaching Committee

February 21, 2008


Present:  Brian Pavlac (Chair), Kristi Concannon (Chair-elect), Margaret Corgan, Hamid Hosseini, Paul Lindenmuth, Michael Little, Jonathan Malasic, Anne Massey


1.     Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m.

2.     The minutes of the meeting of February 15, 2008 were approved.


3.     Dr. Concannon presented a partial report of the ad-hoc FYE Committee and requested approval to proceed with the suggested changes to the Academic Session of Orientation.  The FYE Committee expects the full report will be completed in the next few weeks.  Moved and seconded to endorse the recommendations of the report as presented:
         The ad-hoc committee recommends that:

a.      The summer reading be discontinued.

b.     The focus of the session be to prepare students for what a college classroom is like, specifically the expectations instructors have of students in terms of their classroom behavior, their completion of assignments, and the college academic integrity policy.  The session will be reduced from 75 to 50 minutes.

c.      Faculty be provided with suggested resources and ideas for interactive session activities to be conducted during the Academic Session.

d.     Full-time faculty continue to be encouraged to be Academic Session leaders.

e.      For logistical purposes (regarding the remainder of Orientation), students continue to be divided by FYE section.

  Motion carried.

4.     Since FYE is now listed as a CORE course it was moved and seconded that a CART be created with the Associate Vice-President of Academic Services, Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs, Directors of Orientation, and faculty members and staff who teach the course as members and the Director of Campus Activities and Orientation as CART Coordinator.  Motion carried.


5.     Moved and seconded to approve the following CORE 170 courses submitted by The Arts CART:

CORE 171: Theatre   

                        CORE 171A: Acting for Non-Majors

CORE 171X: Theatre Experience

CORE 172: Dance

                        CORE 172M:  Dance/Movement (Cross-listed as THEA 365)

            CORE 174: Music Theory/History

                        CORE 174W:  World Music

CORE 175: Music Performance

                        CORE 175G:   Guitar Performance

CORE 176: Art Appreciation/History

                        CORE 176A: Art Appreciation

CORE 177:  Artistic Creation/Visual Arts

                        CORE 177D: Drawing and Painting

                        CORE 177P: Introduction to Photography (Cross-listed as COMM 212)

                        CORE 177PL: Photography Laboratory (Cross-listed as COMM 212L)

                        CORE 177S: Sculpture

CORE 178: Creative Writing

CORE 179: Film Studies

CORE 179W:  Women in Film

Motion carried.

6.     Moved and seconded to adopt the following names for CORE 150, CORE 180, and CORE 190:

CORE 150: Introduction to Social Sciences
CORE 180: Social Sciences in an American Context

CORE 190: Social Sciences in a Global Context

Motion carried.


7.     Moved and seconded to update the Provisional Core document to include all changes approved by the Committee.  Motion carried.  (Copy on C&T website)


8.     Moved and seconded to add:
      CORE 185: Women in American Society
      CORE 187: American Social Issues
      CORE 188: American Government
to the list of courses equivalent to CORE 151-159 in the Human Behavior and Social Institutions II category of the current CORE and to name CORE 150, 180, and 190 on the list of equivalents as indicated in #6 above.  Motion carried. (Copy on C&T website)

9.     The following items will be on the agenda of the next C&T Committee meeting to be held on Friday, February 29, 2008:

a.      Pass/fail courses

b.     CORE course exemptions

c.      CORE courses required by majors

d.     Advanced placement courses which fulfill CORE requirements

 Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Corgan

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