Minutes of the Curriculum and Teaching Committee

Thursday April 10, 2008


Present:  Brian Pavlac (Chair), Kristi Concannon (Chair-Elect), Margaret Corgan, Kyle Fetteroff, Hamid Hosseini, Mike Little, Jonathan Malesic, Anne Massey, Ed Ockerman.

1.               The meeting was called to order at 3:35 p.m.

2.               The minutes of the February 29, 2008 were approved as amended.

3.               The minutes of the March 13, 2008 were approved as amended.

4.               The meeting began with a discussion of the “Finalization of Final Core document”.  The Chair began by  announcing that the Department of Philosophy has decided to change the title of Core 280 from Fundamentals of Philosophy to Introduction to Philosophy, and the Chair–Elect suggested a clarification of the wording of Natural Science 1; it should read of one of two courses. 

            However, the discussion of the Finalized Core document generated several questions, responses and comments.  These included:  What is this document for?  We need a list of courses approved by C&T.  What happens when we add new courses in the future?  Perhaps we should specify the date of the approval of these courses.  We are really not listing all the specific courses such as those under the Core 164.  Since this is the New Core, perhaps we should be as specific as possible.  It is a C&T document.  The C&T needs to list all the courses it has approved.  C&T should have the final authority for deciding Core courses, not the CARTs.  Should advisors too receive this document?  No, this is only for C&T.  We are the final authority, we should list everything.  At the end of this discussion two motions were made and passed.

Motion one: The change in the title of Core 280 and the clarification of Natural Science 1 be approved.

Motion Two:  Move to approve the document.

5.               Next item discussed was the “Proposed Revision to Advising Planner”.  Regarding the Core 180 category, suggestion was made to replace the Social Sciences in the American Context with Social Sciences in an American Context.  Regarding the Foreign Languages and Cultures category, suggestion was made to change its wording to Core 140 Foreign Cultures or one of the following foreign language courses.  Regarding philosophy, suggestion was made to name Core 280 Introduction to Philosophy.

CORE 141: Beginning Language I

CORE 142: Beginning Language II 

CORE 143: Intermediate Language I

CORE 144: Intermediate Language II

CORE 145: Conversation and Composition I

CORE 146: Conversation and Composition II

Motion was made to approve the changes and the document; they were approved.

6.  The next item of discussion was “Draft of how exemption/how majors use the Core document.” 

The Chair emphasized the last two lines of the first paragraph of the document for exemptions which states that “Any changes to exemptions or use of the Core by major or minor programs in the future must be submitted to and approved by C&T before they can be implemented.”

Regarding the document several changes were suggested.

a).  It is Foreign Languages Department now, and not Foreign Languages and Literature.

b).  In the Foreign Languages Department only two Core courses count as part of the major - only Core 145 and Core 146 (French and Spanish).

c).   Honors requirements do not include effective writing; they should.  They should include Core 100, Core 110, and Core 115.

d).  Regarding the exemptions for the School of Business, the document does not include IB 241 (Core 193) which has been approved for both Business Administration and International Business majors.  They should be included.

            Motion was made to accept the document as amended; it was passed.

7.  The next item of discussion was website design, which generated numerous questions, responses, and comments.  These included the following:  Can we send it as is?  English Department does not use the same format.  We need consistency.  We have to tell CARTs what items are needed.  Do we need the boxes?  Aren’t boxes confusing?  Should we tell the CARTs what to put in those boxes or give them freedom to choose?  They should include master syllabi.  But Liberal Arts Seminar has only used one syllabus for all.  First page should be consistent for all categories.  The pages must be specific to the category.  Do we have to have master syllabi for all specific Core courses, or just for each category?  We don’t really have to decide at this point.  A category like Core 150 needs one.  We should accept the website designed for Natural Science.  But can’t we give the CARTs the choice?  For example, Liberal Arts Seminar category wants to have the choice.

After a great deal of discussion, three motions were made and passed. The three included the following:

a).  Motion to accept the Natural Science website as a model.

b).  To accept that CARTs have the latitude to choose, provided that they have the minimum requirements .

c).  To accept the suggested master syllabi as a model.



8.  The next item of discussion was AP equivalencies.


Regarding Foreign Languages AP exams, a few points were made.

a).  AP credit in foreign languages should be given for any foreign languages for which AP exams are available ,  not just French, German, And Spanish .

b).  The AP language exam credit should be for CORE 141.

Regarding the mention of Chemistry/Physics Department in the footnotes, it was pointed out that no name should be mentioned for the chair (and that no one is named Bouchard at King’s).


9.  Next, Chair-Elect presented the FYE Ad-Hoc Sub-committee Report to C&T, explaining the proposed changes that appear in the written report presented to the committee.  It was mentioned that in two weeks another sub-committee will present its own report to C&T.

The presentation generated the following question:  Why only 3 and not 5 hours of service?  The Chair-Elect’s response was that three hours is OK with Father O’Hara, and that it is quality and not quantity that matters.

Motion was made to accept the recommended report (including the being graded instead of pass/ fail aspect of the course), it was accepted.

10.  Discussion of the assessment of the CORE was postponed to the next meeting.

11. The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Hamid Hosseini

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