Minutes of Curriculum and Teaching Committee


October 31, 2008


Present:  Kristi Concannon (Chair), Michael Little (Chair-elect), Margaret Corgan, Robin Field, Kyle Fetterolf, Hamid Hosseini, Jonathan Malesic, Joel Shuman, and James Wallace.


1.                Meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.


2.                The minutes of October 13, 2008 were accepted as amended.


3.                The only order of business was the discussion of the proposal for a “Leadership and Global Dynamics Major” for adult students.  While the Committee was supportive of the development of new adult learning programs and appreciates the mission that the proposal aims to achieve, the Committee has several concerns about the proposal as submitted.  The following recommendations and comments were made:


a.       The program should be housed in and administered through an academic department.


b.      If the program is to include Global Dynamics in the title, more courses with a global content should be included in the curriculum.


c.       The name of the program has a decidedly business feel, though the curriculum lacks economics and business courses. Perhaps a title similar to the St. Joseph’s University “Organizational Development and Leadership” program should be adopted. 


d.      Several of the proposed courses seem to lack the rigor expected in courses for a B.A. degree.  These courses should be modified to include more academic components (reading, writing, presentations) such as those offered in the University of Richmond leadership program.


e.       More courses already taught at King’s should be included in the curriculum.


f.       We are concerned about the likelihood of attracting enough qualified faculty to teach on the accelerated and/or blended approach.


4.                Based on the above discussion, the Committee agreed that:


a.       Further discussion of the proposal would be postponed to allow time for the proponents to address our concerns and submit a revised proposal.


b.      The Chair would draft a memo to Teresa Peck outlining the concerns and the decision of the Committee.


5.                The meeting adjourned at about 3:00 p.m.


Submitted by Hamid Hosseini