Minutes of Curriculum & Teaching Committee

October 13, 2008


Present:  Kristi Concannon (Chair), Michael Little (Chair-elect), Margaret Corgan, Robin Field, James Wallace, Jim Dohlon (guest), Charlie Brooks (guest), Monica Law (guest), Maureen Sheridan (guest), Nick Holodick, Barbara Neureuter (guest), and Teresa Peck (guest).


1.       Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m.

2.       The Leadership and Global Dynamics major proposal was presented by Teresa Peck, Barbara Neureuter, and Monica Law.  Charlie Brooks, Jim Dohlon, Nick Holodick, and Maureen Sheridan attended the meeting to answer questions and show their support for the proposal.


a.       Teresa Peck noted that Fr. O’Hara wants to increase the number of adult students that King’s serves, as the new Strategic Plan also indicates.  The proposed major would serve only adult students.  Following King’s mission, this program focuses upon the needs of the working class.

b.       Ms. Peck also noted that Fr. Ryan is supportive of this new program. AACSB accreditation is still an issue: King’s would have to file for exclusion, just as is done for the Health Care Administration program.

c.        Ms. Peck also stressed that senior staff is very concerned about the quality of this program.  She notes that AACSB aspirant schools have this type of program.  Although the prospective head of the major, Monica Law, is part-time, senior staff sees no problem with her leading the program because of her experience in the field.  Ms. Peck also noted that our existing faculty can teach some of the major courses, but that part-time faculty will need to be hired to supplement.

d.       Ms. Peck also says an ongoing discussion about the major’s elective classes is occurring.  We may need a list of recommended electives for this major.

e.        Barbara Neureuter discussed the changing market of adult students and how there is now more advertising toward such students.  She has researched the AACSB aspirant schools’ offerings and the needs of local companies and believes this proposed major will fulfill the needs of both employers and employees.

f.        Monica Law discussed the curriculum of the proposed major.  In particular, she noted that businesses need people to step into leadership positions as baby boomers retire.  The major courses combine theory and practical knowledge, and the capstone course has students find a solution to a problem in their current workplace.  The courses will be blended, conducted online and in the classroom setting.  Each course is eight weeks long and is taken one at a time.  Students will take approximately six credits a semester, nine maximum.  The program will take students five years to complete at a minimum, and more possibly eight to ten years.


3.       The guests left the meeting at 4:10.  The remaining committee members discussed a few concerns about the proposed major, including the issues of having all the classes (including CORE classes) use the blended format, the rigor of this proposed major, and what type of degree (BA?  BS?) the major will receive.


4.       Meeting Adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Robin Field