Curriculum and Teaching Committee

September 9, 2005


Present: Trent Snider (Chair), Jennifer McClinton-Temple (Chair-elect), Professors Simington, Sosar, Bassham, Wallace, Hosseini, Corgan, Pavlac, Concannon. Guests: Paoletti and Kraszewski


  1. The meeting was called to order at 2:06 p.m.


  1. On the Chair’s recommendation, the Committee agreed to continue maintenance of the C & T Webpage but discontinue use of the public folder (the Chair-elect will handle these tasks for the committee).


  1. The Committee discussed a proposal from Dr. Susan Jones-Held to develop a two-course Honors sequence that would fulfill the Core requirements for Natural Science I and II. As Drs. Paoletti and Kraszewski explained, the first course, HNRS 270, would focus on Molecular Biology; the second, HNRS 271, would focus on Ecology. Both courses would emphasize “hand-on” learning and would include some lab and/or fieldwork. Whether the courses would be offered as 3- or 4-credit courses was left open. After discussion, the proposal was tabled pending approval of the courses by the Core 270 project team. However, several members of the Committee expressed reservations about the relatively narrow specialization of the proposed courses.


  1. The Committee next turned to its ongoing review of the Core Curriculum. The Chair distributed several handouts, including results from the faculty survey that was administered last fall. A lengthy discussion ensued as to how the Committee should proceed in its review. Several options were discussed, including asking the Core project teams to conduct their own reviews and report back to the Committee. Several members questioned the usefulness of this procedure, since similar reviews were conducted recently for purposes of our Middle States accreditation. The Committee determined that a logical place to begin would be to review both the sections of the Middle States Report pertaining to the Core Curriculum and survey data collected by the Committee last year. The Committee also decided to complete its review of the Core curricula of 50 comparable institutions, which was begun last year.


  1. The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Greg Bassham