Minutes of Curriculum & Teaching Committee

March 13, 2006


1.      Present: Trent Snider (Chair), Jennifer McClinton-Temple (Chair-elect), Greg Bassham, Kristi Concannon, Margaret Corgan, Hamid Hosseini, Brian Pavlac, Jeremy Simington, James Wallace


2.      The meeting was called to order at 3:45 p.m. in Room 117, Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center.

3.      Dr. Nicholas Holodick, Associate Academic Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty was present to report on the meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities on “General Education and Outcomes That Matter in a Changing World” in Phoenix, Arizona, March 9-11, 2006 which he attended. At the conference he learned that many schools including Stonehill now have a faculty member who is a full-time director of general education and he will suggest to Fr. O’Hara that King’s consider creating a similar position.  Such a director would be responsible for monitoring and nurturing the Core by monitoring syllabi and assessment and attending meetings about general education to be aware of trends and what other schools are doing.  Dr. Holodick believes that some of the problems with the present Core at King’s are the result of Core teams not being active enough and that new teachers and part-timers need to be monitored to be sure they understand the goals and objectives of our Core courses. 

4.      The minutes of the Committee’s meeting of February 27, 2006 were approved as amended.


5.      Dr. Frederick Sauls, Faculty Council Chair, has indicated that the Committee should distribute its agenda in advance of meetings which Dr. Snider will do in the future.

6.      The “Report of the Curriculum and Teaching Committee Subcommittee on First-year Seminars” was discussed.  Such a course would replace the current Critical Thinking course.  It was decided that the report will be distributed to the entire faculty and that a type of project team will be created to consider the subcommittee’s recommendations and possibly make additional ones.  The team will be composed of any interested faculty members who wish to be part of the group and might be of special interest to those who would teach such a course.  The group which will be organized by Dr. Bassham will report back to the C&T Committee which also discussed the need for a separate course for transfer students which would be slightly different than the one taken by freshmen. 

7.      The nature and role of FYE in a new Core was discussed and it was decided that Mr. Robert McGonigle should be invited to meet with the C&T Committee to discuss the present course.

8.      The Committee discussed a list of goals and objectives for a course on Effective Oral Communication based on suggestions by Committee members. 

9.      The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 


Margaret Corgan