Curriculum and Teaching Committee

February 6, 2006


Present: Trent Snider (Chair), Jennifer McClinton-Temple (Chair-elect), Professors Bassham, Concannon, Corgan, Hosseini, Pavlac, Simington, Sosar, and Wallace.


  1. The meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m.


  1. Minutes of the January 30, 2006, meeting were amended and approved.


  1. Dr. Snider and Dr. Bassham each distributed revised versions of the guiding principles that had been discussed at the previous meeting.  From these versions the Committee created and adopted a final set of guiding principles, which will be distributed to the faculty.


  1. Dr. McClinton-Temple presented information gathered in a study of the core curricula at four colleges that, according to the Admissions and Enrollment Committee, King’s wishes to compete with academically: Muhlenberg, St. Joseph’s, Lasalle, and Bucknell.  Although the core curricula at these colleges, with the exception of Bucknell, are not very different from the Core at King’s, some differences are notable.  Based on what she discovered, Dr. McClinton-Temple recommended four points for the Committee’s consideration:


·         Be more flexible in allowing students exemptions based on major

·         Consider “test-out” options for some classes, especially writing and foreign language

·         Continue to research the First-Year Seminar option

·         Consider a fine arts requirement in the Core


According to Dr. McClinton-Temple, implementing these recommendations may help King’s compete for the attention of talented local students who choose other colleges.  Committee members discussed these recommendations, noting that the final two are reflected in the current, ongoing conversation regarding the Core review.   The rationale for allowing exemptions and “test-out” options was debated, with the Committee determining that some flexibility in the new Core is desirable.  The Committee noted, finally, the difficulty in determining whether students are attracted to a specific college because of its core curriculum.  The recommendations in Dr. McClinton-Temple’s report will be revisited in future meetings.


  1. Dr. Snider asked that that Committee, having adopted its guiding principles, begin considering in earnest changes to the structure of the Core.  To spark discussion, he distributed a design for a new Core.  


  1. The meeting adjourned at 4:50.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Wallace