Minutes of Curriculum & Teaching Committee

October 7, 2005



Present: Trent Snider (Chair), Jennifer McClinton-Temple (Chair-elect), Greg Bassham, Kristi Concannon, Margaret Corgan, Hamid Hosseini, Brian Pavlac, Jeremy Simington, David Sosar, James Wallace


1. The meeting was called to order at 2:04 p.m. in the Gold Room.


2. The chair announced that either he or the chair-elect will attend each of the division meetings to bring faculty up to date on the work of C&T and will report to the committee any issues raised at the meetings.


 3. The Chair-elect distributed a list of the skills and abilities students are expected to develop in core curriculm courses which is in the 2004-2005 catalog, p. 8.  A discussion followed and several committee members suggested that some of the wording needs to be revised to be more accurate.


4. The question of whether the transferable skills which the curriculum is meant to develop and the courses created to develop them are still adequate and appropriate for today’s students was raised.  Before the next meeting the chair will obtain copies of the comptency growth plans which were developed for the transferable skills sections of the core, the goals and objectives of the various sections in the original core document, and a glossy admissions brochure “The Core Curriculum & Assessment” to help the committee in its further discussion of this question. 


5. Some of the questions that the committee may need to begin to consider are:

How many credits should be in the core?  Are there currently too many, not enough, or the right number?

Should the term “core electives” not be used since it gives a false impression that they have to be core courses which is not the case since they can be any course?

How do we deal with the problem that some accreditations require more than 60 credits which is supposed to be the maximum for a major?

Do we have to give attention to the type of student we are now getting in revising or changing the core?

How do remedial courses fit into the core?

Is FYE necessary as a separate course or could the topics it has to cover be part of some core courses?

Should some core courses be interdisciplinary?

Should team teaching be used in some core courses?

Do all courses need to be three credits?

What are the perceived problems with the present core?

Do the names of some of the core sections need to be changed to better reflect their purpose and be more meaningful to students?

Should any current core course be replaced by a different one?


6. The chair will compile the data on the general education/core curriculum requirements of other schools which has been acquired by the committee so it can be discussed at its next meeting, compared to King’s core requirements, and presented to the faculty at its meeting on Friday, October 28, 2005.


7. The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 


Margaret Corgan