C & T Meeting Minutes                                                         1/30/06


Meeting Time:   3:45 PM

Location:  Room 115 Sheehy-Farmer Center

Those Present:    Trent Snider – Chairman

                            Members:  Gregory Bassham, Kristi Concannon, Margaret Corgan, Hamid

    Hosseini, Brian Pavlac, Jeremy Simington, David Sosar, James Wallace


The Minutes of the Meeting held 1/23/06 were approved with revisions.


Information was provided by the chairman concerning an AAC&U Conference to be held March 9th-13th, in Phoenix, Arizona.  The topic will be Core Curriculum Review.  Volunteers are requested to attend due to inability of the Chair or Chair-Elect to attend.  Contact Dr. Nick Holodick if interested in attending.


Discussions (and submissions from) faculty thus far through Core review have included the following five schools as models to be studied:  Yale University, University of Notre Dame, Kenyon College, UNC – Ashville, and Boston College.  The “first year seminar” and “writing intensive” subcommittees were asked to look into this as part of their efforts.


The time schedule discussed concerning structure of revised Core Curriculum.  It was suggested that a rough structure should be created by some time in February.


Meeting Discussions focused on members’ concerns with guiding principles for the Core and possible procedure for review outside the committee.  It was decided that information would be distributed first to faculty for review through availability of C&T Committee Minutes.  Later, information could be distributed to student body in methods to be determined.


The committee discussed potential bullet points as “proposed guiding principles for C&T’s Core review”.  The chairman offered committee talking points presented at the fall faculty meeting to begin the discussion.  Dr. Greg Bassham offered an eight point list of guiding principles to be considered.  Upon committee review of this proposal, one principle (#2) was rejected, it was suggested that one (#3) principle needed revision before acceptance, and seven were accepted. 

(Committee members by consensus agreed that while work to review the Core could soon begin under such guidelines, other principles could be added as considered necessary)


            Within discussion of the proposed guiding principles, key comments focused on the



·        Perceptions of the Core by students and faculty

·        The importance of Core 100 - Freshman Seminar

·        Core committee groups may be working on revising course names and improvements to a course (The C&T Committee requests that name changes be provided to the committee as an FYI)

·         No Core course should ever be considered permanent

·        Differences between Interdisciplinary and Integrated Courses

·        The need for the New Core to take on new skills  (Dr Brian Pavlac offered two revisions of Core Curriculum based on skill categorizations that would be considered)

·        The role of a Core Business course in a traditional liberal arts education, perhaps economics


The next meeting was scheduled for February 6th at 3:45


The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 PM.