The Core endorsed by C&T, 16 October 2007


Part I:    The Transferable Skills of Liberal Learning   (5 courses, 13 credits)


            Core 1xx: First Year Experience (1 credit, pass-fail)

Core 1xx: First Year Seminar (replaces Core 100: Critical Thinking)

Core 110: Effective Writing (possible name change)

            Oral Communication: (choose one course)

    Core 115: Effective Oral Communication (with revised objectives and goals)

    or Core 116: Argumentation and Debate

            Core 120: Mathematical Ideas


Part II:   Knowledge, Traditional Disciplines and Interdisciplinary Perspectives   (9 courses, 27 credits)


Civilizations: Historical Perspectives (choose one course)

            Core 131:  Western Civilization

            Core 13x:  World Civilizations


Students are required to choose one, and only one, section of Core 150 from among the categories of American Studies, Contemporary Global Studies, and Social Science.


American Studies (choose one course)

            Core 130:  American History

            Core 151:  American Government

Core 155:  Women in American Society

Core 156:  Aging and American Society

            Core 16x:  American Literature

Core 1xx:  Interdisciplinary Thematic Social Science courses -- Focus on American issues

            Additional courses from other disciplines may be added.


Contemporary Global Studies (choose one course)

            Core 132:  Global History since 1914

Core xxx:  Globalization (modified Intro to International Business (IB 241)

            Core xxx:  World Religions?

            Core xxx:  World Cultural and Economic Geography (Hist/Geog 252)

Core 1xx:  Interdisciplinary Thematic Social Science courses -- Focus on Global issues

            Additional courses from other disciplines may be added.


Social Science (choose one course) 

            Core 154: Psychological Foundations

            Core xxx: Macro Economics

            Core xxx: Introduction to Political Science

            Core xxx: Introduction to Sociology (Sociology 201)

            Core xxx: Introduction to Women's Studies

            Core 150: Human behavior and Social Institutions (as currently taught)



Foreign Languages and Cultures (choose one course)

            Core 140: Foreign Cultures (generic title, currently African, Islamic, Japanese,  Latin American, & Russian Cultures are offered)

            Core 141-146: Foreign language courses

                        Core 141-142: Beginning Language I-II                     

Core 143-144: Intermediate Language I-II

                        Core 145-146: Conversation and Composition I-II


Literature (choose one course)

            Core 162: Foreign Literature in English (generic title)

            Core 163: Historical Perspectives in Literature (generic title)

            Core 164: Literary Modes and Themes (generic title)


The Arts (choose one course)

            Core 161:    Art Appreciation

            Core 161:    Introduction to Creative Writing

            Core 165:    Theatre Experience

            Core 166A:  Music Appreciation  (offered but not in current catalog)

            Core 166B: Guitar Performance  (offered but not in current catalog)

            Core 167:    Sculpture (offered but not in current catalog)

            Core 168:    Drawing and Painting  (offered but not in current catalog)

            Core 16x:    Acting for Non-Majors    

            Core 16x:   Film

            CORE 16x: Themes in Art History


Natural Science I (choose one course)

            Core 270: Natural Science (revised version)


Natural Science II (choose one course)

            Core 271: Astronomy

            Core 272: Chemistry and Humanity

            Core 273: Contemporary Biology

            Core 274: Human Biology

            Core 275: Human Genetics

            Core 276: Principles of Electronics

            Core 277: Chemistry and Industry

            Core 278: Forensic Chemistry

            Core 279: Perspectives in Natural Science (generic title)



Part III:  Informed Believing and Acting (4 courses, 12 credits)


Philosophy I (choose one course)

            Core 280: Fundamentals of Philosophy


Philosophy II (choose one course)

            Core 281: Introduction to Logic

            Core 282: Philosophical Themes

            Core 283: Philosophy of Education

            Core 284: Philosophy of Human Nature

            Core 285: Eastern Philosophy (new addition to menu)

            Core 286: Ethics and the Good Life (new title)

            Core 287: Business Ethics (new title and recent returnee to menu) 

            Core 288: Bioethics

            Core 289: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Philosophy


Systematic Theology (choose one course)

            Core 250: Catholic Perspectives

            Core 251: The Old Testament

            Core 252: The New Testament

            Core 253: Key Biblical Themes

            Core 254: Belief and Unbelief

            Core 255: The Church

            Core 256: Science, Theology and Culture

            Core 259: Topics in Systematic Theology


Moral Theology (choose one course)

            Core 260: Christian Ethics

            Core 261: Faith, Morality and the Person

            Core 263: Christian Marriage

            Core 264: Issues in Christian Social Ethics

            Core 265: Christian Environmental Ethics

            Core 269: Topics in Moral Theology