Procedure for Adding a New Course to the Core Curriculum


The Committee on Curriculum and Teaching (C&T) oversees the college curriculum, in general, and, along with the Core Area Responsibility Teams (CARTs), is responsible for the oversight and approval of all courses within the Core Curriculum. 


The oversight of existing Core courses takes place during the five-year review of each area of the Core.


Submitting a New Core Course


All proposals for new Core courses should be submitted early enough in the semester to allow adequate time for consideration before the advisement and registration period begins.


If any faculty member wishes to propose a new Core course, the following procedure should be followed:


  1. The faculty member should prepare a brief proposal which includes a short description of the course and a sample syllabus which clearly outlines the goals and objectives of the proposed course.


  1. The faculty member should submit the proposal to the relevant CART Coordinator.  Within two weeks, the members of the CART will discuss the proposed syllabus and determine whether it meets the objectives of the Core category.


  1. After reviewing the course proposal, the CART can choose to (a) approve the course as submitted, (b) recommend improvements to the course, or (c) reject the proposal.


    1. If the CART approves the course and if the course will constitute a new CORE course number, the CART Coordinator will forward the proposal along with a letter of support to the Curriculum and Teaching Committee.  If the approved course is part of an umbrella course offering (e.g. CORE 100, CORE 164, CORE 180), no action by the Curriculum and Teaching Committee is needed. 


    1. If the CART recommends changes, the faculty member may choose to make the requested changes or provide a letter to the CART justifying why the changes are unnecessary.  The modified proposal should be re-submitted to the CART Coordinator.


    1. If the CART rejects the proposal, the faculty member may appeal the decision to the Curriculum and Teaching Committee. 


  1. The Chair of the Curriculum and Teaching Committee will add the proposal to a meeting agenda within four weeks after receiving the proposal. The faculty member may wish to attend the relevant meeting.  If the proposal is presented to C&T as an appeal of a CART decision, the attendance of both the faculty member and the CART Coordinator will be requested.


  1. The Curriculum and Teaching Committee will review the proposal and either approve or reject the inclusion of the course in the relevant area of the Core. The decision of C&T is final.


  1. If the Committee approves the proposal, the Chair of C&T will notify Faculty Council and Academic Affairs of the decision and contact Academic Advisement to ensure that the new course is included on all relevant Core documents.


  1. The faculty member should work with the CART Coordinator regarding course scheduling and to ensure that the course is listed in the next edition of the King’s College Catalog and is listed on the CART website.