Assessment of the Core Curriculum


The Curriculum and Teaching Committee (C&T) shall review each CART every five years according to a rotating schedule as indicated below.


2008-2009 Oral Communication; Theology; Natural Science

2009-2010 Thinking and Writing; Composition; FYE; Honors Program

2010-2011 Liberal Arts Seminar; Foreign Languages and Cultures; Literature

2011-1012 Math; Philosophy; The Arts; Civilizations: Historical Perspectives

2012-2013 American Studies; Contemporary Global Studies; Social Science


During the academic year in which a CART is to be reviewed:


1.      Each CART Coordinator will receive a formal notification of the review process at the start of the fall semester.


2.      Each CART Coordinator shall prepare and submit to C&T by February 1st a written report which examines how its courses fit in with the overall mission of the College and the Core Curriculum.


The report must specifically include the following:


The study should encourage dialogue with Major Programs to update Competency Growth Plans about transferable skills.


3.      After C&T has reviewed the document, the Chair will invite the CART Leader and members to attend a scheduled C&T meeting to discuss the report.


4.      C&T will then accept the report and issue a statement to that effect with any amendments or suggestions about needed action.  A copy of the report will be kept in a public file and submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA).


5.      Before its next review, or earlier if recommended, the CART should work with Academic Affairs and C&T to address any areas of necessary change.