King’s College Curriculum and Teaching Committee

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


The revised CORE Curriculum should:


  1. Remain an integrated, sequential “plan of learning” rather than a “grab-bag” of distribution requirements; this plan should include (but not be limited to) interdisciplinary offerings.


  1. Provide, where appropriate, choices for students through a variety of course offerings.


  1. Eliminate or revise—in content or name—courses that are problematic, while retaining courses that are effective.


  1. Preserve the content of a traditional liberal arts education.


  1. Include more opportunities for students to improve their writing skills.


  1. Foster in students a lifelong love of learning, reading, and critical reflection.


  1. Help students to master the disciplines and methods of inquiry that are the shared possession of all liberally educated persons in the Catholic tradition.


  1. Assist students in achieving moral maturity and personal fulfillment by preparing them to think clearly and independently about the ethical, philosophical, and religious dimensions of the human condition.