Curriculum and Teaching Committee

Minutes (draft)

October 6, 2003



Present: Derrick Boucher (Chair), Robert Liebler, Anne Massey, Edmund Napieralski (guest), Edwin Ockerman, Jack Ryan, David Sosar, Thomas Visgilio, Ann Yezerski



The meeting convened at 3:00 pm.



The meeting considered a proposal to create a new course: CORE 15x, Personal Finance.? There was considerable discussion of this issue, some of which focused on the intention of the CORE.? It was noted that the current proposal emphasizes practical application while CORE classes are intended to introduce students to society, organizations, and their dynamics and to examine how these institutions influence overall behavioral choices.? There was universal agreement that it would be a useful course. There was some question as to whether or not the course actually reflected CORE values or if it simply did not fit anywhere else.? The committee concluded that the proposal should be presented to the CORE 150 Project Team, and Ed Napieralski observed that perhaps, for reasons of protocol, it should have been presented there first.? The committee also suggested that more theory could be addressed in the course as it is currently proposed in order for it to more fully meet the CORE criteria.



In its task to review the CORE curriculum, the committee?s job is currently to frame the key questions surrounding this issue so that they can be brought to the attention of Faculty Council.? Faculty Council can then give the committee further instructions.



The meeting considered a proposal for a Forensic Sciences Minor.? The committee discussed the proposal and found that biology seemed to be underrepresented in the proposal as it is currently drafted.? Also, there was some question about whether the workshop offerings, three of which were to be combined to count as a three-credit course, carried enough academic substance to use them for credits.? The committee decided to table further decision on the proposal until a more polished draft of the proposal has been provided.



Dan Ghezzi has been statistically analyzing the student evaluations to determine whether the conclusions currently drawn are statistically significant.? He does plan to examine the original data to see if any further or more meaningful conclusions can be drawn.? Barring that, we will look at drawing up a new student evaluation.? There seems to be significant expertise on campus regarding such forms, e.g. Marc Marchese. The Curriculum and Teaching Committee will look into ideas for student evaluations and make suggestions after Dan reports back.



The CORE review is a long-term project.? The Curriculum and Teaching committee will do background reading (the 1993 document prepared for Middle States) and draft questions for the next meeting.


The committee is also examining distance education and will informally gather data for the next meeting.


Next meeting is Monday, October 13, 2003, at 3pm in Sheehy-Farmer 109.



The meeting adjourned at 4:15



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