Curriculum and Teaching committee

Minutes (draft)

October 27, 2003, 3PM, Sheehy-Farmer 109


Present:? Derrick Boucher (Chair) Robert Liebler, Anne Massey,? Edmund Napieralski (guest), Edwin Ockerman, Jack Ryan David Sosar, Thomas Visgilio, and Ann Yezerski


  1. Minutes of the last meeting were approved


  1. The Chair is continuing to work on the gathering of a complete list of instructors who

have or are teaching classes, comments, etc. to allow for a thorough and meaningful discussion.


  1. No more information as of yet was provided on the student evaluation of teaching forms.


D.? 1.?? Comments of the Core Master Plan were reviewed and added (additions listed at the end of this document) to further during the Meeting.? It was reiterated that the job of the committee is to simply compile general questions concerning the Core.? Its impact, evaluation, along with any modifications will eventually be handled by a campus-wide review.?


????? Additional comments at the meeting that may be framed as questions focused on the Core

????? as a separate part of the curriculum;? the Core?s relation to the mission of King?s College;

????? Arts and Literature courses in the Core; and, specific additions of courses to the Core.


????? The committee will continue its efforts of review questions and comments until it is felt

that it is ready to push out? a thorough compilation to the Faculty Council and Campus

for consideration.


Dr. Napieralski mentioned that a meeting involving himself, Fr. Grimes, Dr. Sauls, Dr. Boucher and possibly others was being planned and that may help focus the Committee?s work.


  1. 2.??? Members of the committee were each assigned to review information on specific information on academic institutions from the General Education Survey (prepared by AAC&U).?

Each member will review 6 schools for information provided and apply it to the Core or other issues in which it may assist.? Each member was also assigned a specific school to obtain information from that does not appear on the survey.


The initial reports of this review should begin at the November 10th meeting, however it

will continue for some time.


??????????? The chair will investigate the history to the development and evolution of the Core and

??????????? therefore is requesting any avenues or name that may help in this process.


The next meeting was scheduled for November 10, 2003 at 3:00PM


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:20PM


List of additional Core ideas:

(the list previously went to #22)


23. Would it be useful to split the Literature and the Arts part of the Core (Core 16x) into separate Literature and Arts components?


24. Should there be at least one required ethics course for our students?


25. As an alternative to the above suggestion, should we have a curriculum that systematically embeds ethics in other required courses?


26. Interdisciplinary thinking is an important synthesis for our students. Does our Core encourage it? Should it? If so, where and when is it appropriate? Perhaps a jr. or sr. level seminar-type course could do this.


27. Civil engagement may be a fruitful way to encourage interdisciplinary thinking among our students. Should we make civil engagement part of our Core?


28. Is the Core curriculum something that should be aimed at the freshmen/sophomore level only? If not, which parts are better left for more mature students?


29. For any changes we might suggest, what are the associated costs?