Curriculum and Teaching Committee

Minutes (draft,slightly edited-D.B.)

September 15, 2003


Present: Derrick Boucher (chair), Robert Liebler, Anne Massey, Edmund Napieralski (guest), Edwin Ockerman, Jack Ryan, David Sosar, Thomas Visgilio, Ann Yezerski.


The meeting convened at 3:00 PM.


The committee considered a proposal to have Honors/Econ 123 meet the CORE 15x requirement.? Honors/Econ 123 is called Economic Dimensions of Contemporary Issues.? After some discussion, the committee approved this proposal. ?It was noted that if Econ 123 were offered without the Honors designation, then it would not count for Core 15x, because that is simply the form in which the proposal was received by the Committee. To have Econ 123 without the honors designation meet the Core 15x requirement, another proposal would need to be considered by this committee.


Faculty Council referred the following issues to this committee.

1.      Revise course evaluation forms and procedures in cooperation with the student government.

2.      Review and evaluate distance education courses with special regard to the level of personal interaction.

These issues were briefly discussed.


The remainder of the meeting was devoted to discussing a review of the core curriculum.? The plan is to review the entire concept of the core curriculum.? Various issues were raised including the following:

??????????? 1.?? What is the philosophy of the core curriculum?

2.?? How do major requirements and core requirements affect each other?

3.      What can be learned from core requirements at other schools?

4.      How can changes be made to the core curriculum without adversely affecting the liberal arts tradition and the Catholic identity of the college?


Dr. Napieralski suggested that the committee familiarize themselves with some seminal documents regarding the origins and philosophy behind our current Core curriculum (c. 1985). He will make these available to the committee via the Chair.


The meeting adjourned at 4:10 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Robert Liebler