Curriculum and Teaching committee

Minutes (draft)

November 10, 2003, 3PM, Sheehy-Farmer 109


Present:? Derrick Boucher (Chair), Edmund Napieralski (guest), Edwin Ockerman, Jack Ryan David Sosar, and Ann Yezerski


  1. Minutes of the last meeting were approved
  2. Three student representatives, Kristen Greene, Joe Batt and Erin Koscinski presented their input and opinion of the CORE.? Comments included those on the following issues:
    1. Adding a Personal Finance course
    2. Including a math pre-requisite for certain courses
    3. Including the ability to take some CORE?s as electives
    4. Defining how Advanced Placement courses could count for CORE credit
    5. Allowing alternatives for CORE 270 (i.e. Biology 111 or Physics 111) for those students that have a strong high school science background.
    6. Standardizing the requirements of CORE courses (i.e. the amount of reading, papers required, etc.)
    7. Consideration of the cost of texts used for CORE courses
    8. Level of choice for students

                                                               i.      Are there enough sections?

                                                             ii.      Are there enough options for courses to take within a category?

                                                            iii.      Are courses offered frequently enough over the years?

    1. Suggestions for courses/categories

                                                               i.      Putting culture and history categories together

                                                             ii.      Language separate from culture (is one semester enough?)

                                                            iii.      Having a world culture course first then specifying for the second level

                                                           iv.      Increasing opportunities in the arts

1.      Applied art courses

2.      Music courses

                                                             v.      Physical fitness requirement

    1. More WebCT options
  1. The chair reported that Dan Ghezzi is performing a factor analysis on the student evaluation of teaching forms
    1. Suggested that beyond the statistics the physical appearance of the form may influence responses? (i.e. half of the form is not used to gather opinion on the course)
  2. The chair reported that he is researching more on the history of the CORE.
    1. The existence of a ?pre-CORE? folder
    2. Interviewing veteran faculty
    3. Creating an outline
  3. ?Enlightening tidbits? on the CORE-like curriculum from other schools being researched by the committee were requested
    1. Some differences in course distribution were noted
    2. The existence of ?electronic portfolios? were noted


The next meeting was scheduled for November 24, 2003 at 3:00PM


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:25PM