Student Research

At King’s College, our students across all the majors are encouraged or required to complete student research to gain skills conducting experienced based learning. This includes the majors of Biology, Neuroscience, Environmental Science and some concentration in the General Science major.

The Parente Life Science Center houses state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and technology which all students experience beginning in their freshman year. Students will be responsible for designing and conducting a biological research project through all of its stages including researching the pertinent scientific literature, creating an appropriate experimental design, and performing the proposed project in conjunction with either a faculty member or in an approved internship for at least one semester.  Students will present their research proposal and results in oral and poster form respectively.  Students have subsequently served as co-authors on published papers as well as presented their work at both local and national conferences.  Upon completion of the curriculum, students possess the skills required for postgraduate educational programs and/or employment in areas using biological principles and techniques. Underclassmen who are not eligible to take senior research can take Biology 229 to gain experience in a research setting.




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